Thrintel Market

An opensource blockchain for sharing cyber threat intelligence.

0-Day Security through Collaboration.

Built to empower researchers to collaborate and “things” to autonomously improve their security posture.
A router learning from a drone that a new type of malware is released and is propagating the internet, with no humans needed in the loop.
A security analyst in Newyork posting new Indicators of Compromise, while a security research lab in Dublin reports them to be false positives.

Thrintel Market is a worldwide decentralized data warehouse of threat intelligence that is fully transparent, reliable, and accessible by everyone and everything. This warehouse is blockchain based, which will guarantee that the information in it has not been faked, changed, or deleted. This builds trust in the system, by enabling everybody to contribute to the rating of each entry based on their history and reputation and the entry’s metadata. Information is submitted and traded or shared autonomously by any internet connected device with the software. This means a “thing” connected to the internet with our open source software, will be able to generate threat intelligence and make money out of it, this money would be cashed out or spent on buying threat intelligence from highly reputable sources submitted within the same country, industry and other metadata fields as this “thing”. Hence empowering the thing, to make proactive security decisions, and contribute to the security of other things. Our platform is an open system and anyone can join and benefit from the network. Analysts will be provided with reliable, commented, collaborated on, rich, labeled, and accurate data about the campaign, artifact, techniques, etc. they are looking at. Saving them wasted time on bad data, duplicates, inaccurate, and unorganized and correlated data.