R1 Home

Your most precious asset, protected.

A different kind of security, for a way more important and complicated target.

Online safety for children is hard. But we are good at hard things.

Control what they see, who they talk to, when can they use the internet, and more from your phone.

Curious by nature.

These little gems, have an eagerness to explore, discover and figure things out.

The internet is a great place for that. And a dangerous place for that as well.
An R1 Home router will ensure them a safe playground.

Trusting yet sensitive by nature.

They trust and connect with other people online.

Well, the internet is a great place for that. But a dangerous place for that as well.
An R1 Home router will offer them unparalleled online safety.
We shield them from cyber bullies and child predators the same way we sheild organizations from advanced hacking groups.

Excited, energetic and eager to explore.

Addicted to the world gateway in their hands, they may start skipping homework time, family time, and bed time.

Manage content and time online, on any network connected device (no installtions required).
Out of the box control over what apps, websites, etc. they can access from which devices and when.

Smart, and perserving.

They will try to circumvent the protections. It’s our human nature.

With the touch of a button, you can block the use of circumvention tools like TOR, VPN, and Proxies.
Making sure they will have a safe and healhy relationship with this great source of information.


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