Gravity Card

An RFID active jamming device. Packaged to look and feel like a credit card.

The Problem

Contactless payment & identity cards are constantly transmitting your data in the clear.

An RFID credit card, passport, car keys, or key fob is convenient but also extremely easy to read and replicate by anyone around you.

This video demonstrates an attack against contactless Car Keys, and the list of RFID attacks goes on.

If you would like to try for yourself, download the ezSec Credit Card Scanner App by clicking its logo below.

Open tha app, put your phone over your pocket, the APP will display alot of information about every credit card you have in your wallet, allowing you to use the card details in online shooping, for instance.
This app has been written as a proof of concept. It doesn’t connect to the internet, save or send your data anywhere. Please only use it for educational purpoeses only. If this app is used in criminal actions, ezSec Inc. will be pressing charges against the those who have misused its software.

Electronic pickpocketing is on the rise because it is easy.

Credit Cards, Passports, Driving Licenses, Car Keys, and Key Fobs are never off, constantly giving the data away for anyone with a scanner.
Surprisingly, scanners aren’t that difficult to get. You have a scanner in your phone capable of reading all your credit cards and government IDs.

The Solution

Add an active RFID/NFC jammer to your wallet or purse.

Signal blocking wallets, purses, wrapping in aluminum or signal blocking cards or whaetever else people have tried to protect themseleves so far is not convenient, cheap or effective.
Gravity is less than 1mm thick and blocks every scanner in a 5 cm radius.
Hassle Free. Security checkpoints are suspicious of the contents of a rfid blocking sleeve or wallet but not the gravity card. Our customers say the security checkpoint is a breeze, all while maintaining their RFID Security.
With a 3 Year Warranty, 30 Day Refund Gurantee, Individually Lab Tested Product you are guranteed a frustration free security.

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We can customize the Gravity Card to your order.

A Business Card always in the wallet, never in the drawer. Consultant, Real Estate Broker, C-Suite Executive, Car Sales, Small Business Owner, Bankers, and anyone with a business card.
Your own brand, and design on the card. Univerisities, Clubs, Organizations, Resellers, etc.

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