About Us

Our Vision

Deliver advanced cyber security solutions and services that are easy to use, implement, and integrate.
The philosophy is that complicated security solutions are never used properly. So advances shouldn’t only be on the front of making the security solutions more intelligent but actually, make them more usable in today’s organizations.
A good solution is intelligent yet stupid friendly.

Our Story

Shortly after his family immigrated to Canada, a young boy was hacked, humiliated and cyberbullied when he was 12. The hacker took control over the laptop, that had a premium and updated antivirus at the time, and was able to record through the webcam and the microphone everything the boy did; the hacker had taken over all of his accounts including his Facebook fan page where he used to share comics.
The young boy got depressed and felt incredibly insecure with technology. It took the young boy a conversation with his old dad, who was clueless of computers, just like the rest of the family, to make the young boy obsessed with learning from this experience and coming back stronger. Over the next few weeks, the boy would go search the internet pages on and on for numerous sleepless nights, trying to learn everything he could about cybersecurity. Along the way many would offer help, only to try and hack the young naive kid.
Fast forward 6 months and this young boy is able to hack his hacker and get back control over his laptop and all of his accounts. From there the boy has learned enough about this field to understand its far from being fully developed and there is so much room for innovation there. He gets his first Dept of Defense recognized certification (Certified Ethical Hacker) in the field by the age of 14. Over the next few years, the kid starts many groups and operations to fight cyberbullying and opensource cyber defense tools.
This kid grew up and is now doing a Ph.D. in Cyber Security in one of the worlds top Computer Science Schools and is a Computer Engineer, as well as one of the few faces instantly recognized in cybersecurity conferences around the world.
He founded ezSec Inc. to make Advanced Cyber Security solutions that are really easy to use, hence more effective.