Ezsec Virtual Analyst

Ezsec Virtual Analyst

The AI Security Analyst Scaling your SOC and Reducing your MTTR

The world’s most intelligent and comprehensive Security AI suite of tools that hooks up together into one AI agent.The agent gets access to your SIEM just like an analyst and starts scaling your SOC. She has passive and active investigative capabilities, explainable logic, long term memory retention, advanced pattern detection, verbal and written communication, and threat hunting capabilities.

Just like a human, the AI Security Analyst or ROBOSOC (TM) is capable of using any combination of tools given to it within a SOC. Unlike a human, its a very quick learner, stack agnostic and a 24/7 hard worker that scales.
She speaks STIX 2.0 to other tools, speaks English to your team, and has years of cybersecurity domain knowledged baked in her ontology and semantics. She has long term memory retention and perserves inter relations of assets, threat intel, artifacts, connections, behaviour, and attacks.

Pricing is based on annual licenses.
The minimum tier is 100GB analyzed a year.

For volume discounts and other queries please contact [email protected]